About ROMP Bags

Meet Zach Sullivan, the owner and sole "seamster" of Duluth, MN's ROMP Bags. Zach has a love of adventure, biking, and playing outside. He is also a passionate creator. According to Zach, "Making things is in my blood, and there is nothing quite like turning raw materials into something that is usable."

Zach is originally from Chippewa Falls, a midsized town in the rolling hills of west-central Wisconsin. Growing up he was encouraged to play outside and get dirty.  This became a lifetime habit. 

Zach eventually moved to Duluth, MN to study Environmental and Outdoor Education.  He graduated in 2017 and has been working in the field ever since. He has led canoe trips in the BWCA, taught outdoor skills to youth, and run programs at the Duluth Folk School. These days, he spends most of his time biking and sewing.

"Riding bikes has connected me to place, people and self. Whether commuting to the shop or bombing down single track trails, I always have a smile while in the saddle. The community of bicyclists, outdoor enthusiasts, and crafters in Duluth has influenced me to dive deep into this project - Rad Outdoor Multi Purpose Bags - with excitement and optimism. Thank you for your support!" - Zach