Nord Coast Founding Myth

It All Started By The Fire

Nord Coast began on cold Minnesota night.  Five friends (and "Trout" an Australian cattle dog) gathered around a wood stove in a garage loft.  As we warmed our toes by the fire, we began to dream. Trout just slept.  With a pair of seamfolk, a graphic designer, and an architect in the mix, the conversation naturally turned to a design project.  A few hours later, Nord Coast was born - A design collective celebrating life on and near the Great Lakes.  

Our initial focus is on beanies, sweatshirts, and tees, but that is just the beginning.  We are working on a line of waxed canvas outwear (or as the sailers say, "oilskins").  We are also bringing regional designers and makers into the mix through collaborations.  The destination is unknown, but the journey is bound to be epic. So pack your bags and strap your kayak, surfboard, or bike to the roof. Join us on this adventure.  It’s going to be a wild ride.

The Room Where It Happened

Welcome to Birdhaus Studio, the above-garage workspace and lounge where Nord Coast was born.

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  • Made Here

    100% of our goods are made in the USA, many in the Great Lakes Region.

    “Production from local resources for local needs is the most rational way of economic life” - E.F Schumacher

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  • Twenty Percent For The Lakes

    The Great Lakes contain around twenty percent of the entire world's freshwater! Nord Coast donates twenty percent of net profits to organizations protecting and restoring this invaluable resource.

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  • One-For-One Youth Beanie Program

    Let’s face it.  It gets cold on the Nord Coast! We are committed to improving youth clothing security in our region.  Our goal is to donate ten thousand USA-made youth beanies by 2025.

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The Nord Coast Journal

Tales of people and places around the Great Lakes

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